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  • From Behind the Table: General Auditions

    "The General Audition“I never expect anyone to be brilliant in an audition. It is almost an impossibility. Was anyone ever brilliant while acting with a chair? What I do hope to find someone who seems capable and someone with whom I might want to spend four weeks in a rehearsal hall” - Michael Shamata, Artistic Director of The Belfry Theatre, (Victoria)

  • From Behind the Table: The General Audition Part 2 – The Interview

    “Generally, I just really enjoy it when actors come in with a positive attitude and are excited to share their work with us. That makes it a pleasure to audition them and a good experience for us as well…if actors are relaxed and are able to share who they are with us, the chances of us using them is much better. “ - Mieko Ouchi, Artistic Director of Concrete Theatre (Edmonton)

  • From Behind the Table: The General Auditions Part 3 – Monologue Choices and Presentation”

    “Even though it may be a general audition the theatre will probably be looking to cast the season they’ve announced. If there’s something the actor thinks they’re appropriate for they should attempt to do everything possible to win the role by tailoring the choice of monologue to the role they think they’re right for.” - George Pothitos, Artistic Director of Neptune Theatre (Halifax)

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  • Theory and Play Of The Duende by F. Garcia Lorca

    Lorca’s talks on the duende along with his poetry were the inspiration behind my 2009 Neil Munroe Directos’ Project at the Shaw Festival, The Love of Don Perlimplin for Belisa in his Garden. The piece fussed Flamenco and deep song into the story telling. Lorca’s Theories on the Duende have proven to be not only inspiring but a basis for much of my other work since then.

  • The Actors’ Vow by Elia Kazan

    I will take my rightful place on the stage And I will be myself.

  • The Poet’s Obligation by Pablo Neruda

    To whoever is not listening to the sea this Friday morning, to whoever is cooped up in house or office, factory or woman or street or mine or harsh prison cell: to him I come,

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    In the spirit of “if you see a good show then tell...

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