27th Aug 2016

Main Stage 2016: Walt Whitman’s Secret (Vancouver, CAN)

Based on the novel by George Fetherling. "...beautifully produced and performed" - Colin Thomas, colinthomas.ca

22nd Oct 2016

Thoughts on Diversity: Casting Walt Whitman

At the opening night of the frank theatre company’s Walt Whitman’s Secret, a colleague came up to me and said “thank you for the casting.” I was surprised by the...

13th Sep 2016

Main Stage 2016: Romeo and Juliet (Cardiff, Wales)

July 21 - 30, 2016 @ Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival "...innovative...challenging...daring...taking the leap into the unknown" – MyTheatreMates.com

13th Jun 2016

Main Stage 2016: The Lion in Winter (Vancouver, CAN)

“…stellar production…Incredible performances…Don’t miss it.” EntertainmentVancouver.com

02nd May 2016

Main Stage 2016: The List (Richmond, CAN)

"...the power of words and an actor to conjure a complex, emotional world...elegant, essential and poetic..." - The Vancouver Sun

08th Jun 2016

Producing 2016: BoucheWHACKED! Translation Workshop and Reading Series (Vancouver, CAN)


07th Oct 2016

Outreach 2016: Audition Speeches for Black, South Asian and Middle Eastern Actors

Throughout my travels an ongoing commitment to the Canadian community has been maintained through free long distance dramaturgy to playwrights from the Yukon to Montreal; supporting networking (introductions such organisations...

13th Jun 2016

New Works 2016: Playground (London, UK)

A new play by Karen Morash When it comes to playground politics, it’s hard to tell the grown-ups from the children.

14th Jun 2016

Producing 2016: Theatre503 Resident Producer (London, UK)

A four month Production Residency with the Olivier Award winning New Play House Theatre503

14th Jun 2016

New Works 2016: Servants (London, UK)

By Christopher O’Shaughnessy Virginia Woolf and her servant Millie. Who depends upon whom? If Millie does not cook, will Virginia starve? What is Millie's secret? And dare she tell Virginia?