Main Stage 2016: Romeo and Juliet (Cardiff, Wales)

September 13, 2016
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KJS_3743By William Shakespeare
Adapted and Directed by Jack Paterson and Mark Modzelewski

First Taste.  First Touch.  First Love.  First Kiss.

In modern Verona, violence erupts between the Montagues and Capulets with tragic consequences.  With the death of their children, the citizens come together and through song, movements and story examine how they came to such tragedy.

Everyman Theatre are delighted to welcome directors Mark Modzelewski and Jack Paterson to our Open Air Theatre Festival and the depiction of Shakespeare's classic tale of "star-cross'd lovers", forbidden love and blind passion is a tale of firsts.  Swept away in their first love, teenagers Romeo and Juliet irresistibly drawn to each other, fall in love and marry in secret as their families' long standing feud comes to a head.  When you are passionately in love, nothing else matters - not even life itself.  Defying the hatred and violence surrounding them, they dare to believe they can, and must, be together. 

"...innovative...challenging...daring...a frisson of new energy...taking the leap into the unknown.... breaking down expectations and flipping them on their head …respecting the intelligence of its audiences, challenging them to come along with the fantastic company and try something new…”The Nerdy Theatre

"...fresh, with visceral emotion and raw intensity... visually and audibly stunning...the finest Juliet I’ve seen on stage..." - Cardiff Shakespeare

"...a brave...alternative glimpse into the words of Shakespeare...gritty and new...innovative...bringing it truly into a now...between the interpretation, the cast and the environment- it is definitely a must-see." - An Organised Mess

To book wheelchair accessible seats, please contact the box office on 0333 666 3366.


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