Romeo and Juliet, Everyman Players
“…innovative…challenging…daring…a frisson of new energy…taking the leap into the unknown…. breaking down expectations and flipping them on their head …respecting the intelligence of its audiences, challenging them to come along with the fantastic company and try something new…”The Nerdy Theatre

“…fresh, with visceral emotion and raw intensity… visually and audibly stunning…the finest Juliet I’ve seen on stage…” Cardiff Shakespeare

“…a brave…an alternative glimpse into the words of Shakespeare…gritty and new…innovative…bringing it truly into a now…between the interpretation, the cast and the environment- it is definitely a must-see.”An Organised Mess

The List (2016). The Richmond Gateway
“The List grapples with guilt in a gorgeous production.” 
The Georgia Straight

“…the power of words and an actor to conjure a complex, emotional world…elegant, essential and poetic…” 
The Vancouver Sun

“…an hour of power…taking us into the soul of a woman punished by guilt…a powerful one-woman play blanketed in loneliness and regret, and served as an ace… leaving us to ponder the moments in this woman’s life that are uncomfortably familiar — and re-examine our own” 
The Richmond News

“The List rhymes off our frailties poignantly…As directed by Jack Paterson, this show works exceedingly well…Perras is quiet, forceful, embracing and compelling. Truth and love flow from her richly…with with grace and subtlety. But most importantly, with believability…the show impacts viscerally…had me wet with tears… Perras is nuanced and subtle and poised and pained as she struggles with her guilt, anger and hurt …This is tender touching theatre.”

The List (2015), Ruby Slippers Theatre
“…ambitious and beautifully realized… heartbreaking”
The Georgia Straight

“A stunning examination of obsession and guilt, love and family, friendship and sacrifice…Evocative set design and dramatic lighting compliment a powerful performance by Perras.”

“France Perras’ portrayal of the woman offers blunt insights that hit like a cold knife and shiver around you like the snow that falls over the woman, the closing curtain of the show.”
The Ubssey

The Courier

The Pitmen Painters, United Players
“…one of the most consistently pleasing shows in recent memory.”
The Province

“This is some of the best ensemble acting you’ll see…Jack Paterson does a stellar job of directing”
The Courier

The Centre of Everything Civilsed, Winterbird Arts
“… stunning, sexy, heartbreaking… See it with someone you love, see it with your best friend, see it by yourself… just see it.”
Mooney on Theatre

“… an engaging tale of a doomed summer romance…meticulous pacing and exceptional lighting and staging…”
Eye Weekly

The Love of Don Perlimplin for Belisa in his Garden, Shaw Festival
“… at once unusual, amusing and fascinating in style and execution.”
Tim Chapman, Theatre Ontario

Coriolanus, Mad Duck Theatre Collective
“Paterson’s is a bold, even defiant, production of a challenging play.”
Jo Ledingham, The Courier

The Hobbit, Carousel Theatre
“Jack Paterson instead relies on the simple things that live theatre does best…”
Peter Bernie, Vancouver Sun

The Odyssey, Carousel Theatre
“…features a great cast under innovative director Jack Paterson.”
Jerry Wasserman, The Province

Banana Boys, Firehall Arts Centre
“…Jack Paterson’s crisp, imaginative direction…makes the point with wonderful theatricality.”
Jerry Wasserman, The Province

Shakespeare’s R&J, Mad Duck Theatre Collective
“…you’ve never imagined it like this…like knowing the play for the first time…This is the magic of theatre.”
Jerry Wasserman, The Province

Titus Andronicus, Mad Duck Theatre Collective
“…one of the best shows in a strong season…Paterson makes the play’s relevance inarguable.”
Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

Julius Caesar,Mad Duck Theatre Collective
“It’s splendid in every respect…this production looks flawless.”
Jo Ledingham, The Courier

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The Patron saint of Stanley Park, Theatre North West
“Paterson needed to be spot-on… He carried the ball over the goal line…I knew he was winning when I recognized myself…”
The Prince George Citizen

"... his appearance and visit with his children and wife, give us some of the more moving and memorable parts of the play."
Prince George Free Press

The Ugly One, Plan B Collective
“…a great cast…Jack Paterson(s) performance made the darkness and the comedy reverberate”
David C. Jones, Out TV

“…The four actors created a strong ensemble …excellent production…”
Allyson McGrane, Plank Magazine

The Blue Light, The Firehall Arts Centre
“Among the most interesting performances is Jack Paterson’s Hitler.”
Gillian Lockitch,

“..attracts the attention of ..Hitler (beautifully understated by Jack Paterson)”
Jerry Wasserman, The Province

“It’s genuinely creepy…Jack Paterson as the despotic fuhrer capably convey the sad fact that these creatures were all to human.”
Peter Bernie, The Vancouver Sun

Tis Pity She’s a Whore, Ensemble Theatre Co.
“Paterson’s Soranzo is a complicated blend of charm and sleaze.”
Jo Ledingham, The Courier

“Paterson’s sleazy Soranzo..take(s) hounours among the men.”
Jerry Wasserman, The Province

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mad Duck Theatre
“...director Paterson also distinguished himself by ably taking the role of Puck, substituting for…”
Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

The Street, Theatre in the Raw
“Suave, slick and persuasive is John Paterson in the role of the scum-bucket pusher Duke.”
Jo Ledingham, The Courier

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