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Ruby Slippers Theatre presents
In association with BoucheWHACKED! Theatre Collective
By Jennifer Tremblay
Translated by Shelley Tepperman
Starring France Perras | Directed by Jack Paterson
Set and Lighting Design by John Webber | Costume Design by Drew Facey | Sound Design by Mishelle Cuttler |
Stage Manager Lois Dawson

A woman invites us into her kitchen. Her neighbour is dead. Is she culpable for the death? The woman, who prides herself on never letting anything slip by, has overlooked an item on her list. A riveting tale of everyday to-do lists in which the essential and the ordinary are inextricably entwined.

March 10-19, 2016: The Richmond Gateway Theatre
“The List grapples with guilt in a gorgeous production.”  – The Georgia Straight

“…the power of words and an actor to conjure a complex, emotional world…elegant, essential and poetic…” – The Vancouver Sun

“…an hour of power…taking us into the soul of a woman punished by guilt…a powerful one-woman play blanketed in loneliness and regret, and served as an ace… leaving us to ponder the moments in this woman’s life that are uncomfortably familiar — and re-examine our own” – The Richmond News

“The List rhymes off our frailties poignantly…As directed by Jack Paterson, this show works exceedingly well…Perras is quiet, forceful, embracing and compelling. Truth and love flow from her richly…with with grace and subtlety. But most importantly, with believability…the show impacts viscerally…had me wet with tears… Perras is nuanced and subtle and poised and pained as she struggles with her guilt, anger and hurt …This is tender touching theatre.” – brokenlegreviews.blogspot.ca

January 27-February 1, 2015: Studio 16

“Poetically scripted and compellingly executed…A stunning examination of obsession and guilt, love and family, friendship and sacrifice…Evocative set design and dra­matic light­ing com­pli­ment a pow­er­ful per­for­mance by Perras.” – Sad Mag

“…slow burning, compelling and rich…a moving evening of theatre to ponder for days after… haunting…” – Vancouverpresents.com

“France Perras’ portrayal of the woman offers blunt insights that hit like a cold knife and shiver around you like the snow that falls over the woman, the closing curtain of the show.” – The Ubyssey

“…brilliant truthful acting, profound emotion and intricately detailed storytelling…”
– OutTV

“The List (directed by Jack Paterson) was unbelievable. It seemed so simple to begin with…It is an honour to be in the room when an actor transcends themselves and takes you with them… I did not want to breathe too hard lest I break the moment.”
– Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Association